I've had Japanese straightening done twice before coming to Momo's. At least I thought I had. After being unhappy with the results (from two different salons in London, ON), I searched online for salons in Toronto. Momo popped up with great reviews, so I gave them a rang and booked an appointment. I was shocked they could get me in within four days!

I was promptly greeted upon arrival. The salon was busy, as expected for a Saturday. Staff were so upbeat and happy. I was amazed at the friendliness of everyone. Not pretentious at all. I felt very relaxed.  

Claire, who did my treatment, assessed my hair, and explained how she would blend her work, into the poor work from previous treatments. I felt confident with my hair being in good hands.

Four hours later, my hair was what I expected post-treatment. But, I couldn't write a review, until after I washed my hair (two days later). Because after the wash, I'd then be able to really see the magic Claire did (or possibly didn't).

So, today was wash day (and thus, review day). Wow, my hair has never felt this soft! I did a rough blow dry, and combed it as instructed. My hair is honestly pin straight (except for the garbage at my ends from previously, which I knew would happen). Hair looks incredibly shiny too. Once I chop off the crappy ends, my hair will be lovely thanks to Claire and her skills.

I'm glad to have finally found a salon that can give me the quality of Japanese straightening I would expect. And, I don't mind driving in to Toronto for the day to get it done either if it means my hair is frizz-free from now on. Prices were VERY competitive, considering what I paid for the same treatment in London, with very poor results.

- Kerry L.
  Aug 1, 2017

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